How to create a new subreddit on Reddit in 2020

Video Tutorial:

Written Tutorial:

We often recommend that customers create their own subreddits in order to test out the Searchers they are creating on Notifier for Reddit and make sure that the Searchers are keen off on the right keywords that they expect. This makes it very easy to test things. Relatedly, a lot of customers have been asking us, “How do I create a subreddit on Reddit? I do not see that option”.

So with that in mind, we thought we would throw together this quick video to show you exactly how to do that. To start, there are two important requirements that you must meet before you can create a subreddit.

  • The first one is that your account must be at least 30 days old. So if you have a new account that’s under 30 days of age, then you will not have the option to create a subreddit and you have to wait.
  • The second requirement is that your account must have met a certain minimum requirement of karma. Now that minimum requirement number is not known but a lot of people speculate that it’s at least 50 karma points. If you don’t yet have enough karma points, you get them by either posting Reddit posts that get uploaded or by posting comments to Reddit posts and those comments getting uploaded. So what we recommend that you do if you do not yet have enough karma is to spend some time browsing subreddits, commenting on them and making relevant comments that are likely to get uploaded.

Also, a lot of people ask if you can create a subreddit on a mobile device on the Reddit App. That I know of, you cannot. It doesn’t yet have that feature so this something you have to do on a desktop.

And now, let’s finally go through the actual process of creating a subreddit. As you can see I’m on the homepage and I’m logged in with my Notifier for Reddit user.

Reddit home page that shows we're logged in as Notifier for Reddit user where one can find the Home box that will provide options to either create a post or create a community

Now I’m going to scroll down and right here under the Home box, you’re going to see two options. You can create a post or you can create a community. This time, I’m going to click on Create Community.

This is the page that will show when you select Create Community and  this is where you can create a new subreddit and how you would like to set it up
  • Name: Here is where you create the subreddit name. Keep in mind that the subreddit names can be between 3-21 characters. Once you create a subreddit name, that name cannot be changed.
  • Description: You will then enter the description of your new subreddit and this can be changed later.
  • Community type: You will then choose your Community type. Is it going to be Public subreddit where anyone can view, post and comment on it? Is it going to be a Restricted subreddit where anyone can view it but only certain users can posts? Or it can be completely Private where only approved users can view it and post.
  • Adult content: You will also select if this is adult content on this subreddit and click Create Community and you should have your new subreddit ready to go.

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