Keep Track of Stocks You Care About With Notifier for Reddit

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One very exciting use case for using Notifier for Reddit is using it to track mentions of stocks symbols. As a quick example:

Add Searcher page on Notifier for Reddit dashboard showing how to keep track of stocks you car about
  • Search String: I’m going to type in the symbol for TSLA.
  • Posts/Comments: I want to track both posts and comments.
  • Case Sensitivity: I want case sensitivity (True) because then it will be more likely to be a stock symbol match.
  • Notification Interval: I want instant because I want to be notified instantly.
  • Include/Exclude Subreddit: To start off with, I want nothing because I want to see a broad match to see what comes out and what comes in so I’ve selected none and I’ve clicked Add.

It’s active and ready to go. It’s already searching Reddit for us so I’m going to switch to my inbox for this test and as you can see, I already have this running for a while.

Email inbox where your received message notifications will appear and where you can click the message to view details of the searcher result

And TSLA, in some ways, maybe a bad example because there are so many mentions of it. But that, can also be an advantage depending on what you’re looking for because there’s plenty of ways we can narrow down the search further to make it more relevant. So maybe you want to type in TSLA and sell – maybe you want to know when someone is going to sell their stock or something like that.

This is where you can modify the Search String and other criteria to get relevant matches

There’s a lot of interesting options here and but let’s go and look at some of the matches we have. So what you can do is cruise into your inbox, just scroll down and here’s the Subreddit teslainverstorsclub. Maybe you want to exclude that subreddit, maybe you do not think it’s relevant to what you are looking for. So once you kind of do your own analysis manually, you can go in and say, “Okay, well I want to match everything except anything that posts in a subreddit teslainverstorsclub”.

This is where one can find the details of the email notification that will be received whenever a match is found in either post or comment and where you can click to view the post/comment directly on Reddit

So you can just copy that Subreddit name (and always click on the Subreddit just to double-check if it’s case sensitive), go back to the dashboard and click on edit. Now, I’m going to select Exclude because maybe you want to exclude the Subreddit teslainverstorsclub from the matches. If you have 2 in here, you can just add a comma (you can have a space there or not, it doesn’t matter) and save the edit. From now on, this searcher will only match the whenever it got the TSLA symbol, as well as the word Sell, somewhere in the title or the text.

This Edit Searcher page where one can modify the search criteria to narrow down the search and get relevant matches

And really it’s just that simple. Using Notifier for Reddit, you can jump on your competition and track mentions of these stocks. I’m sure there are a lot more interesting ways that you guys can think of to kind of build upon this. Keep in mind that in the next few days actually, we’re going to be releasing regular expressions support that will allow you to use RegEx or Regular Expressions to kind of do more advance matching. We also have a lot more amazing features on the horizon so check back and let us know if have any question and reach out to me at [email protected] or [email protected] for any feature suggestions, questions you may have or anything like that.

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